No problem. Every order placed, whether it is for a single book or a complete curriculum package, is tailored to fit your budget.

Special Note for Grandparents
We often get calls from Grandparents (especially now that many schools are closed) who need homeschool curriculum. We understand the sacrifices you are making when you decide to homeschool your grandchild or (in some cases) grandchildren. We will work with you to be sure you get what they need at the price you can afford.

If you can’t afford to purchase an entire Homeschool Curriculum Package:
1. We can ship your curriculum package to you in two separate shipments and only charge you for the cost of the textbooks actually shipped. After helping you determine a shipping schedule that works best for you, the remainder of your order will be held in a special place in our shipping department.

2. Call us at 888 268 5087 to discuss other options. We will do our best to help you get the curriculum you need as soon as possible.