So you have purchased a traditional curriculum that includes textbooks and Teacher Editions. Sometimes very BIG Teacher Editions! By “traditional” (often referred to as secular) I mean textbooks and teacher editions like teachers use in public and private schools.

Obviously these traditional teacher editions are design for classroom use and include far more “teaching stuff” than is needed in the homeschool setting, For example: At the end of a history chapter there may be three or four pages of activities that correlate with the chapter. I always recommend to parents who purchase our traditional curriculum packages (especially if they are new homeschoolers) to choose the activities that work best for their individual homeschool setting. In other words…You control the books, don’t let the books control you. Otherwise, you may spend all day on one subject!

Regarding Teacher “Wrap-Around” Editions.
They have “teaching stuff” all around the perimeter of each page which will also include a scaled down version of the student text. Some of this wrap-around information may be useful in the homeschool setting, but don’t get hung up on all the details. Remember these teacher editions are designed for classroom use where there are many children with many different learning styles and the need for more teaching resources and busy work.

The bottom line is…most homeschoolers primarily want a teacher’s edition, teacher’s manual or teacher key for answers to questions in the student text. They are a major time saver. All the other stuff can be useful to a point, but it’s just not necessary to do it all!

Hope this helps!