I was going to name this blog entry “Homeschooling Without Loosing Your Mind” or “How to Prevent Hair on Fire Days”! Then I found this cool image. It seemed appropriate.

Let’s be honest. Homeschooling is sometimes very overwhelming to say the least. Here is a tip that I always share with parents who purchase our curriculum packages, especially if they are new to homechooling. Hopefully it will make your homechool journey easier.

After you receive your curriculum, don’t attempt to start every subject on day one. I recommend beginning with English and Math. Maybe in a few days or a week, add science, history etc. In other words, ease your way into it.

Also, it is not necessary to do every subject every day (except maybe math and English). For example plan to do Science on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and History on Tuesday and Thursday. You get the idea. How you plan your schedule is up to you based on your long term goal of when you want to complete the whole book. (see Tip #1 – Lesson Plans) Do whatever works best for you and your children. Keep in mind, these are only my recommendations. You must always consider your states’s homeschool laws.