New homeschoolers often ask me “Should I make lesson plans?” This is up to the individual obviously. However, it can be overwhelming, especially for a new homeschooler. What I recommend is…Once you receive your curriculum, don’t feel you have to plan out a whole year’s worth of lesson plans! Simply open your textbooks to the Table of Contents. Then count the number of chapters in each textbooks and determine how many chapters you need to do in a day or week (or whatever) to finish the book by a certain date. In other words, have a long term goal. The beauty of homeschooling is flexibility. For example…What if you plan out a month’s worth of lessons and you decide at the last minute to go to the beach or take a vacation. You will have to either redo the lesson planner or try to make up the days you missed. Either way, it can be very frustrating. So maybe just plan out a week or two. Then if you have to change them, it’s not a big deal.

Once your child gets into a daily routine (depending on their age of course) he or she can be given the responsibility of documenting what they do each day in the lesson planner!