As you well know, due to the pandemic, many schools have still not opened. The schools that are able to open are placing restrictions on the children, based on their states mandates, to help prevent the spread of the virus. There are many viewpoints on this issue. Because of this uncertainty, many parents are not comfortable sending their children into this new school environment.

Some parents that I talk to are in a panic. How will their children get an education this school year? Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine they would they be in a position of  choosing between virtual school, sending their child into an environment with which they are not comfortable or homeschooling their children for the first time!

Should they choose to homeschool, one of the biggest hurdles is what curriculum to use. We provide traditional textbooks just like teachers use in public and private schools. It is interesting to me that mothers (and fathers) I speak to want textbooks from the years they were in school. This is understandable as they are familiar with the formats and the way concepts are taught (especially in math)! We have textbooks dating all the way back to the 60’s. This comes in handy when grandparents need curriculum for their grandchildren. Yes, I do get a lot of calls from grandparents, especially now that parents are returning back to work and need someone to homeschool their children. Call us. We can help!

This is a difficult time for our country and we will get through it!