Before calling us for a customized homeschool curriculum package, you may want to read General Guidelines for Curriculum Development at one of our other websites. It will give you a better overall understanding of curriculum and what is available for each subject and grade.

Also, if you have a student in middle or high school, be prepared to tell us which science and social studies you wish to include in your package.

Choices for Middle School Science: Life Science, Earth Science or General science which includes all 3 sciences (Life, Earth and Physical).

Choices for High School Science: Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry. Also available are Environmental Science, Oceanography, Marine Science or any other science you may need.

Choices for Middle School Social Studies: American History, World History/Cultures, Geography, Civics etc.

Choices for High School Social Studies: American History, World History, American Government, Economics, Geography etc.

Always remember to keep your state’s curriculum requirements in mind when choosing subjects for your curriculum package.