This is our most frequently asked question and the answer is no. Our homeschool curriculum packages contain non-common core, traditional textbooks that have been previously used in public and private schools. In fact we don’t even stock common core.

Most of the used textbooks and teacher editions in our complete curriculum packages are copyrighted from the nineteen eighties through around 2005. When a parent prefers textbooks newer than 2002 we special order them. No Problem. However, most often parents want the older editions for a variety of reasons. Their main reason is content.
Math – Parents prefer the older math books because each math concept is explained in detail in a way that is familiar to them. There are plenty of examples and problem sets for the student. Most math books include extra practice pages in the back of the text that correlate with each chapter, chapter tests, cumulative tests etc.
History – Over the past few months there has been a high demand for “old” American history textbooks. Many parents feel the history of the United States is being revised and they want to acquire these older books while they are still available.
Reading – Older reading textbooks, especially in the elementary grades, tend to be more vocabulary controlled and the reading selections are typically kinder and gentler. They usually have end-of-chapter comprehension questions and activities whereas the newer reading textbooks often require the use of an extra workbook for questions and activities. Workbooks are great for the little ones, but they do add an extra expense if you are on a tight budget.
To be continued…